Nat Friedman has published some very cool Beagle demos. Beagle will provide some of the ground work for the dashboard project, which is similar in function to Apple’s Spotlight, Google Desktop Search, and Longhorn’s implicit search. Nat is rightly proud of demoing Beagle before any of those mentioned had announced their offerings:
In June of 2004, I delivered a keynote titled Swinging the Pendulum at the fifth annual GNOME conference in Kristiansand, Norway. The talk urges the GNOME community to be open to new ideas, and not smack down protocontributors quite so much. I also gave a public demo, with Jon Trowbridge, of Beagle, six hours ahead of the announcement of Spotlight and many months ahead of both Google and Microsoft.
It’s a handsome software offering and the command line tools and open API make it very appealing.